Our Partners and Supporters


We have specifically chosen to work with partners who share our values on sustainability.

We work with KWD Recycling (Kerry Waste Disposal & Recycling), one of Ireland’s leading waste and recycling companies. At KWD Recycling, they have a simple approach; “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and they believe that we can all make a difference to the future of the environment by following these simple steps. To view a video on their approach click here

The lake hotel also works with the Handmade Soap Company who go to great lengths to make sure their ingredients, packaging and processing are environmentally friendly. Their heat & electricity is powered via river-fed turbine, from the River Boyne. The plastic they use for their retail products is 100% recyclable and made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic. They use FSC-approved, recycled card for their packaging and have an ethical sourcing policy with their suppliers. Their products are vegan friendly, for further details click here

The water supplied in guest’s bedrooms is from Clare Spring, a company who pride themselves as being “all about nature”. An environmentally, family run company, their bottling plant is powered completely by wind energy and their pure Irish Spring water is naturally filtered through Organic land and drawn from a protected underground source. The materials used are 25% recycled plastic (pcr – post consumer recycled) and 75% recyclable plastic in their bottles.