Traditional Fish & Chips

Traditional Deep Fried Fish & Chips

Use a round white fish of your choice; cod, pollack, haddock and hake are all good choices. The skin needs to be removed and the fillets cut into slices thin enough to cook in a short time. Your fish monger can help you on this if you are uncertain what to do.

Beer batter ingredients;

·         200g self raising flour (plus extra for dusting)

·         25g cornflour

·         Pinch of baking powder

·         Pinch of salt

·         ¾ bottle of beer of your choice

Mix the dry ingredients and whisk in beer to a lightly whipped consistency. This batter should be used on the same day.

Dust your fish fillets with the extra flour and dip in the batter to coat fully.

Cook in a deep fat fryer at 180c until the batter has a golden colour and the fish is cooked.

Serve with tartare sauce and homemade chips.

For the tartare sauce just chop equal quantities of capers and gherkins and mix through mayonnaise. A hand held blender is useful for this.

Twice fried homemade chips

Floury potatoes like maris piper are best but rooster potatoes work well also. Cut potatoes into chips, skin on or off depending on your preference. Rinse the chips in water to wash off the excess starch so they don’t stick when they are cooking. Dry the chips with a paper towel. Turn your fryer to 120c and cook the chips until soft in the middle. Remove from fryer until ready to serve. To serve turn fryer up to 180c and cook chips until crispy on the outside. The chips can be cooked in either vegetable oil or lard. Lard is our preference in the lake hotel.

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