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Wild Deer in Killarney

Wild Deer in Killarney

The Killarney Deer have been here since the Ice Age, long before humans, thankfully their rights have been preserved as they are now protected by Law from hunting.

It is said that “Tuan” the King of the Deer was given rights of free passage by Fionn Mc Cool and the Fianna in these Kerry Mountains many years ago. Rumour also states that his blood line is in the present Killarney herd. Today there rights are protected by the Management at The Lake Hotel and they are allowed free passage on their magical journey by the lake shore in Killarney.


Taken from the Lakeside Bistro Lake Hotel

Taken from the Lakeside Bistro Lake Hotel


They are also a welcome attraction to our guests of The Lake Hotel and can be seen from guests rooms on a regular basis.

In the months of October and November when the “RUT” is on you can hear the roaring stags making ghost like sounds which echo around the Lakes of Killarney (Video below for the sounds). Guests have heard and witnessed the noises of the clashing of antlers in the dead of night from their guest rooms.


See “Tuan” and his harem and hear his roar in this video

Wildlife in Killarney

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